Marissa Ochoa


Alex Segovia

Marissa Ochoa and Alex Segovia

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One Fateful Night in Vegas

November 2, 2012
In what can only be described as fate (or any other synonym),
Marissa and Alex had a chance encounter at a Las Vegas nightclub that would change the rest of their lives.
A few tequila shots & a whole lot of chemistry later, Marissa took Alex’s number at the end of the night.

November 15, 2012
After coming back home to Phoenix,
the two began talking and ended up going on what at the time was unbeknownst to them — their last first date…

June 3, 2015
(give or take a few days)
A few years later Marissa moved to Spokane for work,
Alex joined her nine months later and they officially began living in sin.

January 6, 2017
After moving back home to be with family,
the couple spent a year living with Marissa’s brother before buying their first home together.

August 21, 2021
Nearly nine years after their relationship began,
Alex pulled off his plan B (maybe C) proposal with the help of of their friends Carlos and Brittany
at the same place they took their first big trip to eight years earlier.
Marissa had no clue it was coming.

May 16, 2022
The Segoviochoas simply become The Segovias surrounded by all our favorite people.